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The firearms courses at D-TAC were designed for students who place a high value on defensive shooting. These courses are broken down into two categories; Fundamental Skills and Defensive Skills. The Fundamental Skills courses were created to provide students with the necessary mindset and skills to be safe and successful defensive shooters. Don’t let the word Fundamental confuse you. Advanced shooting merely means doing the fundamental extremely well. Learn More


Being efficient with a firearm is necessary but there are two reasons why that alone is not enough. First, the most likely engagement using a firearm defensively will occur within three yards of the threat. That means close quarters where the likelihood of going hands on is very high. If you are unable to retain your firearm, it is useless to you and in fact can be used against you. Second, use of force is on an ever-changing continuum. You do not want a firearm to be your only option. Learn More


These are myth busting courses where beliefs are challenged, and students become self-aware of their true abilities and limitations. To put it simply, you’ve learned how to shoot, you understand the tactics and have combatives experience, but you have no idea how you will really react when a threat arises. Everything changes when someone is shooting back at you or trying to take your firearm away. These courses are made up of scenarios carefully designed to induce stress and replicate real world threats.

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“John Fain is a tremendous instructor. He is very clear and concise and he puts a ton of attention into detail. There is way more to John’s classes than just a few demonstrations and drilling. John adds little details or makes adjustments to techniques that make them even more effective and then he explains why in great detail which makes for a really interesting learning experience. He has many students at the academy and he always takes time to answer our questions and he makes sure everyone in class is performing the techniques safely and efficiently. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor.”
Ryan Mulligan​

“As a peer instructor who has taught with and been taught by Scott Ballard, never in my four plus decades of training and education in the firearms field have I seen a man capable and willing to effect permanent behavioral change in his students when it comes to critical thinking under stress. Scott’s training builds on the marksmanship proficiency of his students by adding the tactical aspects necessary to survive and win a gunfight with multiple determined adversaries. His Protective Shooting Classes are second to none in preparing the participants to make life defining, split second decisions, in adverse conditions when confronted with overwhelming odds. Your training for personal defense and combat skill development is not complete without training with Scott in his reality based and skill development classes.”
George Harris
President & CEO
International Firearms Consultants, LLC